Ditchling Beacon Installation

Product Design

Brief: design a sustainable and educational installation for children at the Ditchling Beacon Nature reserve that evokes aspects of the natural or historical qualities of the area. Project: This play area is inspired by the hexagonal structures found within honeybee hives and adheres to national playground safety regulations.

The above diagram illustrates the interaction of considerations in establishing functions and features for the installation.
Grass suffices as an impact mitigation surface for most of the climbing frame, but a bark perimeter around the highest point is necessary.
Solid end panels provide space for images of the scenery and wildlife of the site. The hexagonal components are composed of steel fasteners and Accoya wood: a high performance, sustainable wood designed for hard outdoor use. 
Sturdy handles and footholds conform to playground safety standards and present multiple options for climbing the structure. 
Smaller children can explore a separate, safer structure.
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